Clearer Picture

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The combination of all the issues: capacity, more frequent scheduling, time-phased scheduling (20+ weeks out), analysis of multiple potential scenarios and greater accuracy provides a much clearer picture of the current situation and what to […]

Greater Visibility

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The organization of the model formats the information for maximum visibility of the current situation and over 20 weeks into the future. Everything about the model is arranged to make it easy to change scheduling […]

Faster Reaction

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A typical schedule process is broken down into gathering the dynamic data; analyzing and generating the schedule; communicating the new schedule to the organization. 90% of the total cycle time is spent on the first […]

Production Model

Network Capacity

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Manufacturing capacity is affected by the slowest rate of any piece of equipment in the manufacturing process. Many times, the same equipment is used for making multiple products. When this is the case, it is […]