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Businesses today face a dynamic environment that may require significant changes to plans. But how and when to make them?
We provide modeling applications and processes to visualize, optimize and automate short and long term planning.
Better decisions in a fraction of the time.

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SCS Scheduler

Excel-based purchasing scheduling software. Takes planned and scheduled production; converts it to dependent demand then provides advanced algorithms to schedule the most efficient purchasing plans. Save time determining what, when and how much to buy.

Excel/VBA production scheduling software that combines forecasting, demand management, inventory management and master production scheduling of finished goods. Generate better, more cost effective supply chain plans faster, and easier.

Python-based production scheduling that generates detailed finite capacity schedules of finished goods based on production capacity, rates and labor resources. Generates setup, production and cleanup events for every product; sequenced according to shift configurations.

Designed by the end-user to make maintenance, operation and utility quick and easy.

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This website is devoted to selecting, building, implementing and using supply chain models for making better business decisions. All businesses have used Management reports for decades to judge where they have been and help them […]

SCS Scheduler – Detailed Scheduling Enhancement

EXCITING NEWS!! With one click of a button, the weekly production schedule (23 weeks) is converted to detailed capacity / labor constrained schedule. The program generates a Gantt chart and lists of the final detailed […]

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When you have a clearer picture of the supply chain situation plus a radar of the future then you understand what to do and when you must act. Basically, you can monitor a developing situation […]

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