Supply Chain Systems, Inc. was founded in 1995 when supply chain concepts were new to business. While working for Dow Chemical it became obvious that there was too much focus on functional, regional and even business unit excellence. The opportunity was to have a more corporate global perspective. Metrics drive behavior. The existing metrics caused actions that were counter to corporate profits. The businesses within Dow needed to be more data driven with faster, more timely information. Organizations needed to be restructured. Inventories needed to be managed better.

APICS provided an educational foundation for supply chain understanding but was more geared towards the repetitive and discrete manufacturing industries. They take many parts to make finished goods. Dow and other chemical companies are process oriented (making many products from a few raw materials). Also new software products exploded onto the market for forecasting, MRP and production scheduling. Later SAP came onto the scene with truly global solutions. The value and the power of the concepts and technology became obvious. As a result, Supply Chain Systems was launched to promote the most powerful combination: concepts, policies, standardized procedures, automation and advanced planning tools. We also wanted to help all types of manufacturing companies.

However, many times the technology is too expensive for small and mid-sized companies. The solution was to develop some Excel-based scheduling tools that allow these companies to compete with the largest global companies. You owe it to yourself and all your employees to understand how these tools are critical to your success. Please take the time to understand why this technology is necessary and the best investment you can make.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.