Re-open Economy during Covid-19


Regardless of what anyone feels about this issue, here are the “events” that would ensure a smooth recovery of the economy.

The opening of the economy is not on a schedule, it is event driven. This assumes there is not a vaccine or treatment widely available in the next six months. These are presented in a priority order:

  1. There is enough medical grade personal protection equipment for all healthcare workers.
  2. There is enough personal protection equipment for all first responders and critical people working in absolutely necessary supply chains (food, medicine, energy, transportation).
  3. There are enough reliable (95%) testing kits for all healthcare workers and people in #2.
  4. There are enough reliable (95%) testing kits for all people that are even suspected of having been exposed or showing symptoms.
  5. There is a nationwide system of contact tracing of potentially exposed people and they get quarantined and tested.
  6. Either we stay locked down till we achieve #1–5 or 99% of population exercises social distancing, wears masks in every situation they are not distancing and exercises rigorous hygiene (washing and sanitizing).
  7. The number of new infections and deaths are down to a number where we can actually do #1–5 with certainty.

The consequence to the country is that more people will die, and the economy will be hurt even worse until we are completely serious about winning this war. Otherwise it is Vietnam and Iraq all over again. Judge for yourself who is right or wrong.

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