This is the launch of a new website devoted to selecting, building, implementing and using supply chain models for making better business decisions.

All businesses have used Management reports for decades to judge where they have been and help them decide what to do next. Spreadsheets were the next evolution. The past was used to create a "Model" of a business question. Then what-if scenarios could be analyzed to provide a better insight as what to do next. This was a manual iterative process.

The next evolution is to automate and optimize. This gives you the best answers in the shortest time. However, the best answer is only as good as the the risk you are willing to take. If too much time is spent fighting fires, then the risk question never gets asked. This is why I hope you learn more about supply chain modeling and our tools. We want to help you anticipate the fires and truly manage your business where the fires don't even happen any more. Now you can be more competitive, react faster and maximize the key metrics of business success - asset utilization, customer service, cash flow, growth and profits.